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Four short films for Anton Barbeau's "Manbird" album, made in 2020-2021. “An ambitious concept trip about leaving the nest, traveling
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kimberley Rew and Lee Cave-Berry for Issue #4 of Big Stir Magazine, produced
Home-built cabaret! We shot this in the living room, transformed with red tablecloths and the contents of everyone's grandmothers' closets.
We filmed this in sweltering-hot Paris, summer 2018, in a blessedly-airconditioned tiny rehearsal room. Then back to Berlin to edit.
Our ongoing project-installation CLITERACY! is now international! My collaborator Alicia Decker and I just wrapped up teaching a workshop on the
One of my favourite gigs — for the past few years I've been filming the Western States 100-mile race for
New music video premiering today on The Big Takeover! Cats, synths, a tiny television, an obscure homage to a beloved
I recently interviewed filmmaker Zoe Beloff for the FEMEXFILMARCHIVE project, a collaboration between UC Davis and UC Santa Cruz to
It's always a treat to design for vinyl — something about all that space! — and I'm so pleased to
Back at the beginning of 2017, following *that election,* some friends and I started throwing around ideas for what became